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The summary report is provided for parents/careers and partners to outline our achievements this session and our priorities for next session. Throughout this session we have taken forward our priorities as detailed in our school improvement plan. Through our processes of self-evaluation, we have identified how we can improve outcomes for our children and young people.




Our achievements and improvements this year. 

We would like to highlight the following improvements/achievements:


Key developments (leadership of change)

The vision and aims of the school was refreshed this year with school staff and are on display. All staff were trained in God’s Loving Plan and appropriate staff were trained for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. HT continues to commit the weekly assembly to the spiritual formation of the school community, through the shared experience of prayer and liturgy.

All parents and carers had opportunities to express their views of the school including the use of our Poverty Equity Fund and its impact. The transition programme from pre-5 to P1 improved the experience for pupils and families. All staff engaged with professional development opportunities, provided both within the school and externally, which continue to improve the classroom experience for the pupils. 


Developments in learning and teaching and assessment

All staff continue to engage with Literacy and Numeracy benchmarks and have implemented an improved approach to planning, tracking and assessing pupil progress.  Staff have begun to use this tracking information to plan effective next steps for children. The school created a robust system of assessment for fiction and non-fiction writing leading to individual next steps for pupils and clear progression pathways for staff.   Most pupils (75%) demonstrated very good progress in phonological awareness from Aug 2017 to May 2018.  A few parents (approx.15%) across the stages engaged with literacy and numeracy workshops with their children to improve outcomes for their children. This included Playing with Sounds, Cooking with Kids, Homework classes, EAL Library and Scotland Reads. Other successful partnerships included P6 Sailing (Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation) P5 Kayaking (Blairvaddach), P1-P5 (A and M Sport), P5 STEM (Glasgow Caledonian University), P2 Dance (PEPASS) and Pupil Council (Mary St Tron). The majority of our pupils are achieving expected CFE levels for Writing, Reading, Listening and Talking and Numeracy.  Almost all pupils reported that they enjoy their lessons and that they are appropriately challenged and supported and have increased opportunity for personalisation and choice. Spanish was introduced in P1 - P4.


Progress in promoting well-being equality and inclusion


All staff embraced the PATHs programme to improve the emotional resilience of our pupils. All staff endorsed the Positive Behaviour Policy to maintain a consistent approach to positive relationships including restorative practice. This has led to our successful House System, Value of the Month, Growth Mindset Thought of the Week and VIP of the day. Nurture principles are a focus in all classes with ongoing training throughout the year.


Parents engaged well and are highly satisfied with the school. The school has improved the arrangements to help children in their transition from Early Years to P1. In particular, the visits of key school staff to the Early Years establishments to gather evidence of Literacy and Numeracy achievement and additional support needs.  Also the school has successfully promoted regular visits of Pre 5 pupils and parents to school with our Child Development Officer at key times in the year. This has improved the learning experiences of the children in P1. New curriculum planners are supporting smooth transitions at all stages within the school ensuring continuity of learning.


Progress in children’s learning /raising attainment and recognising achievement

The school continues to successfully support all children well. Children experience a good curriculum.

The majority of learners attained appropriate levels in P1 and P4 for Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening and Numeracy.  Most pupils in P7 attained appropriate levels in Reading, Talking and Listening and Numeracy.  The majority of pupils in P7 attained appropriate levels in Writing. Most pupils in school demonstrated improvement in non-fiction writing. Most pupils across the school have good phonological awareness.


Overall, the majority of our learners demonstrate the attributes of successful, confident, responsible and effective pupils who are willing to lead. All pupils P3 to P6 experienced a guitar lesson once a week. All P7 pupils received a brass instrument lesson once a week. All P6 and P7 pupils achieved the Dynamic Youth Award. Almost all P6 pupils received RYA Sailing Qualification. Most P5 pupils received Kayaking Competency Qualification.










Here is what we plan to improve next year.


Improving the Teaching and Assessment of Writing and Listening and Talking


Making a Curriculum Plan including an annual plan for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


Developing the teaching of Maths.


Developing Health and Wellbeing including an audit of Anti-bullying practice.


Developing Play in P1 Classrooms to raise attainment


Introducing Physical Literacy (P1-3)


Supporting Active Play (P4 and P5)






How can you find out more information about our school?


Please contact us directly if you require further information or if you wish to comment on the report.


The contact e-mail address is:


Our telephone number is:0141 558 6193


Our school address is: 85 Menzies Road, Glasgow G21 3NG


Further information is available in: newsletters, the school website, and the school handbook