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Enterprise Auction 2016

As a school fund raiser and to encourage our pupils to use enterprising skills associated with thinking, deciding and discussing, the school hope that you will contribute to your child’s learning by assisting us in our annual school enterprise project.


On Tuesday 29th November, pupils will bring an item to school to sell to pupils in their class. They will make a short ‘sales pitch’ – (tell their classmates why they should buy the item promoting its features and benefits).


At home, the children will compose a short, attractive description of their item, with your help (written or spoken).


Pupils will discuss with you, what item to bring and how much to charge. The sale items will be priced from 50p, to a maximum of £2.00.


The sale items needs to be in good condition. We would like things like CDs, DVDs, books, a toy, a game, a poster, a pen, a set of pencils – anything that might sell within the price range.


On Wednesday 30th November your child should bring in money to buy an item.


Thank you, we hope it will be a great again success this year.