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Centres of Excellence

At St. Martha’s Primary, we have been working towards becoming a Centre of Excellence in Financial Education since the latter part of 2020. Below we have listed some aims of the programme and how we are working towards achieving this as a school.


What is a Centre of Excellence?

  • A school which shows excellence in developing Financial Education
  • A school which shows progression in financial education across all stages
  • A school which links with external agencies to add value to pupil’s learning experiences


Our Aims at St. Martha’s

  • To deliver practical and sustainable financial education
  • To provide children with Financial Education in context of real-life situations
  • Teach children about managing money and assessing risk
  • Take the teaching of money out of Numeracy and into other areas of the curriculum
  • To develop Financial Education in small and manageable steps



Involvement & Collaboration

  • Marie Leck (School Delivery Manager, Young Enterprise Scotland)
  • SLT oversee development of CoE programme
  • Melissa Garrett (Programme Manager- CoE)
  • Danielle Reynolds (Financial Champion from school – role is to share resources, attend meetings, complete training and inform staff termly)
  • All school staff supporting children
  • External agencies from business sector


Benefits for Learners

  • Use of up to date Financial themed resources
  • Links with business sector volunteers and local organisations (helps make links to real life situations)
  • Recognition of achievement (Certificate and plaque)
  • Improved learning experiences for young people
  • Students receive real learning opportunities and expert visitors
  • Opportunities to share ideas, be creative and work together