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When I was in primary 3 I had the opportunity to go to the finger knitting module led by Miss Balmer. I enjoyed it so much I kept it up and started to knit with needles too. I enjoyed that too so a couple of years ago I decided to start selling some of the things I had made. At first, not many people were byuying it because they were a little unsure of what I was doing. So, I created an Instagram page and started to use that as a platform. Not a lot of people noticed me on that either but then I had an amazing idea. I spoke to a man I knew who owns a shop and asked him if he could sell the products I made in his shop and he said “yes”.

I sell things like bags, scarves and blankets. Bags are the most popular. Also, because of what has been happening recently in Ukraine, I wanted to do something to help. I started to sell little love hearts made from wool in the colours of the Ukraine flag. This helped me to raise money for charity. I am so proud of myself. 

Carson, P7