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P7 Enterprise Project (Term 3: March ’22)


Primary 7 have been developing their entrepreneurial skills over the past few weeks to pitch a business idea to their teacher and peers. This involved working collaboratively with others, being creative and presenting to others. Thanks you to all of the children, Miss MacLennan and Mrs Morley for their efforts with this project. Two of our primary 7 pupils have summarised some of the key concepts and skills involved in the project.


Bernie and I came up with an idea to create a business called ‘Sweet Tooth’. We had to work as a team to come up with all the ideas we have now. First, we had to come up with a name and then we had to make a logo. So, we drew out lots of different ideas then picked our favourite one. We decided our product would be edible flower pots/ flowers. Later on we came up with some prices and voted on £1.50 or 2 for £2.50 as part of a promotion. Our slogan is ‘Handmade with Happiness’.

Aida, P7


As a group we came up with some different ideas of what our product could be. After we came up with our product, we had to decide on a name. Since we were selling sweets which look like flower pots, we chose the name ‘Sweet Tooth’. The brand name fitted perfectly with the logo Aida created. We designed a poster (a form of advertisement) to put our logo on. After we thought about our ingredients and price, we created a presentation about our business to persuade our teachers and classmates to invest in it. This presentation included all of the necessary information about our business,

Bernie, P7