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P3 Enterprise


Primary 3 took part in a ‘Book Swap’ event in order to raise money for charity. The children enjoyed browsing and selecting different books as well as showing off some of their own books to the rest of the class. Many thanks to all the children in primary 3 and Miss Monaghan for this great work.

Here is what a couple of our learners had to say about the event…


We had a ‘Book Swap’ and if you brought in money (up to £1) you were allowed to buy a book. I bought a book about fire fighters. I like the ‘Book Swap’ because you got to choose a new book. We collected money for charity.

Lewis, P3


Some of the books were different prices. I brought in a book from home. If people didn’t buy the book then it could be kept in the class library. I got a few little books. You had to think about whether people would actually read the book.

Harlow, P3