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During term 3 we were doing a Dragon’s Den Enterprise project and the groups all designed a model of a product to pitch. The group I was in made a toy sword and shield plus a chest plate and helmet.  The other groups made a hover scooter and space adventure roller skates.

We also had to make a slogan, logo and brand name. It took about 6 weeks to actually finish it all and 5 weeks to create the products. The products turned out really well but we had to change our product a little too. At the end we had to make a presentation on key note and show it to the class. After that, it was displayed outside the classroom.

Overall, it was fun and enjoyable to do. If I was asked to do it again, I’d love it.

Fraser, P6



During term 3 we have been doing something called Dragon’s Den. Dragon’s Den is where you design a product then make it!

The first thing we done when we started was come up with what we wanted to make. My group decided on a toy sword. After we had thought about that we moved onto the important stuff like possible logos, slogans and brand names. That is very important because what you use defines how people will see it.

Next, it came to actually making the toy sword and the rest of the extras we added. It was really tricky and required a lot of determination. Then things started to flow but right in the middle of that everything started breaking. It was okay in the end though because we fixed it as a team/

Finally, we had to come up with a pitch as we had to persuade people to buy our products. And that’s what we did. We came up with ways to be eco-friendly and to be kind to the earth.

Millie, P6