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P5/4 Enterprise Project (term 3: March ’22)

Primary 5/4 took on the task of creating, advertising and selling a product which they would sell to other classes. They worked very well in their groups to successfully complete the DIY Fiver Challenge and really enjoyed completing the different workbook challenges and promoting their product through a great advertisement campaign. Thank you to Miss Gregory and all the boys and girls in Primary 5/4 for their enthusiasm and creativity with this project.


“Our Enterprise project was fun and we made cake pops. These are yummy cakes on sticks. We did this as part of the Fiver Challenge. First, we had to think of an item we were going to sell. Then, we had to think of a name, price and tagline. The tagline matched the price which was ‘A pound, a Pop’. It was successful.”

Alyssa, P4


“We were making cake pops at part of the DIY Fiver Challenge. It was easy and fun. We had to do an advertisement. It took a long time, but we got there in the end. We also had to look at prices and did some of the activities from the DIY Fiver Challenge workbook.”

Hollie, P4