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Capacity & School Hours

Saint Martha's

  • Roman Catholic co - educational school
  • Stages taught: P1-P7
  • Current roll: 215
  • Capacity: 300

Organisation of Classes

The following guidelines set by Scottish Government apply.

P1                              maximum 25

P2-3                           maximum 30

P4-7                           maximum 33

Composite classes maximum 25

Composite classes have pupils from more than one stage.

The School Day

School day begins       9.00am  (Early bell at 8.58)

Interval                        P3-P5:10.30am-10.45am;  P1-P2 and P6 - P7:10.45am-11.00am

Lunch                          P1-P2: 12.00noon-12.45pm; P3-P5:12.30pm-1.00pm; P6-P7:12.30pm - 1.15pm

School day ends          3.00pm

All P1 pupils will be in school full time from the first day at school.

The Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs every morning from 8.00 am-9.00 am.

Children in receipt of free meals grant do not pay, otherwise it costs £2.00 per day for your first child and £1.00 for all additional children.

Information on After School Care Services in the area can be obtained from the school office.