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P6/5 Enterprise Project (term 3: March ’22)

The children in Primary 6/5 worked together in groups to design a prototype which they would then create and pitch to the rest of the class. The children worked effectively in their groups to share ideas and also to negotiate factors such as cost and size. Thank you to Mr Maguire and P6/5 for all of their hard work. Here is what some of the p6/5 pupils had to say…


“My idea for our Enterprise project was to make something which can hold your pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers. My friends and I made this together and showed it to our class. We did a presentation all about our ‘Stationery Holder’. We worked together to come up with the price of £1.50 to make it more affordable. We also thought it was a good idea because it is made from recycled material which means it’s saving the environment and stopping waste.”

Darren, P6


“For our Enterprise project we created a stationery holder. It is to free up the space near you. It also helped the environment because the item is made out of recycled cardboard boxes. It only costs £1.50. My team members and I thought it was a good idea because it helps us to make a profit.”

Feras, P5


“During our Enterprise project all of us did different things by creating things like pen holders, trays, gloves and all other sorts of interesting things. Sadly I didn’t get to finish mine, but it was going to be a bag holder which would come in handy if you have too many bags. We were going to call it ‘The Helping Hand’. It only cost £2.50 as this wasn’t too cheap but not too expensive either.”

Olivia, p5


“I found the Enterprise project to be lots of fun. A and I were working together and A thought a good product to create would be a crayon glove as she thought of this when she was in primary 1.

So that’s what we decided to work on and it turned out amazing! We showed it to the class and A put it on her fingers to use the different colours on a piece of paper. It costs £7.99. “

Adanna,, P5


“For our Enterprise project we created the ‘Crayon Glove’. It gives off the same effect as finger painting but is less messy. It has 5 different colours, one for each finger. It’s very handy for kids under the age of 4. We decided to make this £7.99 as it’s not too cheap but not too expensive.”

Amira, P5