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Enrolment Procedures


Glasgow youngsters take Walk to School Week challenge - Glasgow Live

Registration of Primary 1 children takes place in November and is advertised widely in local press etc.  Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school and should contact the school office. Enrolment is now conducted online – see the link below.

Families living out with the catchment area are welcome to make a placing request to attend St Martha’s Primary School following the information available using the following

St. Martha’s liaises closely with our local nurseries to ensure there is an effective programme in place for our pre-school children.

After registration parents and children are invited to St.Martha’s to view the range of materials and resources available, to meet their teacher and have an opportunity to speak with staff and become familiar with the school.

There is a liaison programme in place between St. Martha’s and the local nurseries to facilitate a smooth transition for the new entrants.

A common transition document has been produced to ensure correct information on progress is passed from our local nurseries to schools within the Learning Community.